Virginia's Garden Art
Virginia's Garden Art

The History of Hanging Windows

Hanging Window Gardens originated as a very old wood-framed sash windows. Discarded as useless, they've been restored to once again add beauty and charm to any home.  Because of their age, minor flaws in the glass and frame merely enhance their shabby chic appearance.


Because some of the windows are quite old and not in the best of condition, I prefer to paint the frames in marbled shades. This often disguises many of the minor flaws without altering the character of the old window.


If you love your Hanging Window Garden as much as I hope you will, please tell your friends about them. And remember, they make wonderful gifts for any occasion and can be personalized to suit your own preferences!

About Me and My Hanging Window Gardens

Although I am a relatively new artist, my interest in art began many years ago. I've long admired the work of renowned artists and hoped that some day I might also be able to create art that would be appreciated by others.  I've studied art for several years and have taken several specialized courses at art schools. However, after always having the tendency to "do my own thing," I finally adopted my own style which has no particular name. I simply do what comes naturally.  


One dedicated customer who has purchased several windows from me described my work as bringing a fresh bouquet of flowers in from the garden. She said the great thing is that my flowers won't wilt but will last for a very long time.  What a great compliment!


In 1998 I purchased an old window at a flea market. The window had obviously been well used and sadly neglected. The paint on the frame was chipped and I could see that it had been painted many different colors. The glass, although not broken, had numerous coats of paint on it as well as layers of dirt and grime.  As time has proven, this is typically the condition of most of the windows I find. However, being a firm believer in recycling and loving a challenge, I set about to turn this old window into something lovely.


Although, I had seen painted and decorated windows elsewhere, I wanted to create something a bit more formal. At the same time, I wanted to retain the charm of an old window. After many hours of cleaning, scraping, sanding and recaulking, my window was ready for painting.  Finally, my first Hanging Window Garden was complete. I painted the frame in English Ivy green with lavender and purple hydrangeas on the glass.  This turned out to be the first of many Hanging Window Gardens. I was so pleased with the outcome it inspired me to begin selling my windows at art and crafts shows. To date, I've painted nearly 3.000 Hanging Window Gardens.  Since I never paint two windows exactly alike and I don't use patterns or transfers of any kind, each Hanging Window Garden is truly an original!  Every window is numbered and signed on the back for authenticity.